Laser Eye Surgeon Sydney
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Laser Eye Surgeon Sydney

Dr Meades, Chief Medical Director of personalEYES

Dr Kerrie MeadesDr Meades is one of the most experienced refractive surgeons in Australia and has been performing laser eye surgery for over ten years.

She was the first female ophthalmologist to perform laser vision correction in Australia and her expertise in refractive surgery is internationally recognised.

It is also nearly ten years now since she had LASIK performed on her own eyes so she has experienced the freedom of life without glasses or contacts.

Over ten million laser vision eye correction procedures have been successfully performed worldwide by qualified laser eye surgeons, and 99% of patients no longer need glasses or contact lenses after receiving surgery.

Why personalEYES?

Over 100 doctors, optometrists and their families have chosen personalEYES to perform their vision correction procedures.

We know that your vision and the treatment of your eyes is an important, personal decision. So, why choose us? is the place to find a reliable, experienced laser eye surgeon who offers a top quality laser eye surgery service at an affordable price, with results you'll love.

Take your next step to visual freedom, book online for your free suitability assessment now!

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Every day, hundreds of people make the decision to experience a new world of vision with laser eye surgery...

Relying on glasses or contact lenses just doesn’t suit their lifestyle any more. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could experience life as never before, unimpaired by glasses or contact lenses?

No more sand in your contacts, wear the latest sunglasses, play sport without glasses slipping down your nose, no more foggy lenses, and see the world in focus like never before.

What our patients have to say...

Brendan Wong NSW

I had laser eye surgery approximately 3 years ago now, and have been extremely happy with the results. It was one of the best things I have and could ever do for myself in terms of health and well-being. I was previously a wearer of disposable contact lenses for about 7 years prior to surgery, previously short-sighted with an approximate prescription of - 3.5. Though contacts are good, I can't believe I didn't get the surgery done earlier. My vision after the surgery was considerably better than with contacts previously. My vision now is still perfect, and I have no troubles whatsoever. It was definitely worth the money, I would probably spend twice the money for the results I have received.

The surgery itself was very stress-free, and painless. The clinics and staff were amazing. My surgeon, Dr. Kerrie Meades, was noticeably very experienced, with very good patient care and concern. She told me everything up front about the surgery, and there were no surprises. The actual procedure only took about 25 minutes for both eyes, with little discomfort. I recommend trying to books an appointment in the afternoon, as I was able to go straight home, and pretty much, straight to bed for the day. I woke in the morning and had great vision. I was amazed and visibly happy. My parents helped drive me to the surgery for my day-after check up. When I got there Dr. Meades checked my eyes, and I had better than 20/20 vision. I was able to drive myself home after the check up, and it's been great ever since, as if I never had poor vision. Care for my eyes post-surgery was very simple with maintenance of various eye-drops for a few weeks.

Now I can play all my sports with so much more ease. I lead a very active lifestyle playing indoor soccer, tennis, football, and squash on a regular basis, and it's so much better with perfect vision, and not having to worry about contact lenses. The greatest improvement has been for water-sports and going to the beach and surf. I can swim with perfect vision, something that was much more difficult and risky with contact lenses.

I thank Dr. Kerrie Meades and personalEYES again for changing my life for the best.

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